Love Challenge Day 5


The practice of forgiveness is essential to any relationship. Today’s challenge will take some introspection and evaluation of how your actions have been affecting your relationship.

Too often in marriage we ask ourselves: “Why can’t he/she be the kind of spouse that I want?”

Yet, we should probably ask: “What kind of spouse am I?”

Forgiveness is a choice we make every day in marriage. Forgiveness and truly letting go of hurt are two of the most important ways to grow a relationship. We are human. We have difficulty forgetting. However, we can shoot to forgive and let go. This gives us, our spouse, and our relationship freedom to grow in love and intimacy.

Nothing strangles love and affection in a relationship like bitterness and not forgiving. If we choose to deal with the clouds in our relationship, then we will enjoy a lot more sunshine. Here’s to brighter days ahead…

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” Author unknown.


Write your significant other a short letter expressing your desire to change in 3 specific ways. (Only address areas for which you are personally responsible.) If you have hurt your spouse, or there’s an area that’s holding back your relationship, now is the time to ask for forgiveness. Before you go to bed, share letters. After reading your spouse’s note, embrace for 3 minutes without words. This is your chance to offer forgiveness and start fresh.