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How to Help

Business Allies are local and global businesses uniquely committed to philanthropically investing in our nation’s heroes to help them be strong and thrive.

Sponsoring a Stronger Families Fundraising Event

The SF annual fundraising calendar includes 3 signature events that boast key sponsorship opportunities for current and prospective Business Allies; Our Hope for Heroes Gala Seattle, Hope for Heroes Gala Phoenix, and our Business Leader’s Lunch. Presenting sponsors at these events will enjoy significant exposure and visibility benefits throughout our online and printed collateral, as well as integration into event programming from the stage and priority table positions for Business Ally attendees.

Donating a percentage of sales

Business Allies committed to the mission of Stronger Families can donate a percentage of sales, revenue, or profit on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Customized receipting and acknowledgement solutions are easily created to ensure your customers are aware that they have made an impact in the lives of our nation’s heroes by choosing your business, products, or services.

Launching employee fundraising campaigns

The opportunity to empower your staff, teams, leadership, and board is a tremendous way to support the mission of SF and create awareness regarding our efforts to serve our nation’s heroes. SF offers an online platform and downloadable resources for individuals or groups to seamlessly participate in fundraising activities to raise support and integrate the mission of SF into the workplace bolstering morale and team-building.

Stronger Families is committed to building a community of Allies supporting our nation’s heroes.


Join us.

We are proud to partner with this committed group of businesses who are linking arms with us to ensure our nation’s heroes thrive at home.