Love Challenge Day 6

Let’s get things cooking!

Tonight, you will have the opportunity to create a meal together. As you plan, decide on a main course and a few side dishes.

Some fun ideas: pretend you are in Italy and create an Italian 3 course meal; or create an Asian dinner, set pillows on the floor, and eat with chopsticks. For some great menu ideas and dessert options, check out

More often than not, marriages are touch deprived. Life gets busy and we find ourselves falling into bed with barely a goodnight kiss. So, after dinner, it’s time for cuddling and hand massages. Too often we forget that something as simple as a hand massage can help keep us connected and feeling loved.


Plan and cook an inexpensive dinner and dessert together at home After the meal, grab some blankets and lotion, sit on the couch, and give each other hand massages. Spend time talking about your current “favorites,” i.e. colors, food, musicians, ways to relax…you may surprise each other with what you didn’t know. Don’t have time to cook dinner tonight? Pick up some take out and create an indoor picnic.