Love Challenge Day 4

Can you believe you’re already halfway through the Love Challenge? How’s it going for you?

Your Day 4 Challenge focuses on the little things. Jobs, kids, school and social engagements…we sometimes forget to tell our spouse that we thought about him/her throughout the day. Now is your chance.

Affirmation communicates value in our lives. Needs some inspiration? Think of old memories together, places where you have spent special moments, things around the house, objects that remind you of him/her, something they do that means a lot…you don’t have to reach too far.


Make a list of things that bring your spouse to mind when you see or hear him/her. Use your 5 senses (touch, sight, smell, hear, taste) as guide to create your list. Whether it is a song, place, moment, or item, write down 5 things and share your list with your spouse tonight. For example: “When I put on lotion in the morning, I think about how good your skin feels.”