Sean Sanberg

Sean Sanberg is excited to be working with Stronger Families as the National Training Director. He and Sarah, his wife of 20 years, are both musicians and have often found themselves performing at wedding ceremonies…loving the excitement and joy that comes from strong, happy, healthy, committed relationships. Sean has worked in the arena of marriage and family support for over 2 decades speaking at retreats, seminar, workshops, coaching sessions, and one on one mentoring. He is grateful to be able to continue his support of meaningful relationships at Stronger Families through OXYGEN for Your Relationships . Sean and Sarah began their marriage and grew their family, consisting of two daughters and two sons, in Mountain Home, Idaho. In this small Air Force Base community they quickly grew to appreciate and love the military culture as well as the unique challenges that couples face as they serve our country. In addition to a great burger, a soulfully sung R&B tune, and time with his family, Sean enjoys playing spots, running, fishing, and good conversation with great friends.