People from all over the world have joined Stronger Families Stand TOGETHER campaign by posting messages of support and encouragement to our nation’s heroes. Take a look below:

Thank you for your endless sacrifice and putting your life on the line every day for us. Please know you are loved, prayed for and appreciated by the majority.

- Mindy

I'm a mom and appreciate you keeping our kids safe and for being there when we need you!

- Aysha

Thank you for all you do to serve our communities and families!

- Preston

Thanks to God and thanks to you for tirelessly watching over us. Your unselfish efforts are deeply appreciated on Thanksgiving Day and every day. May God bless you and your family in amazing ways!

- Dennis

Every day that I wake up in this beautiful country I get ready and go to work protected by the brave men and women who run toward danger to help others. That does not go unnoticed by me or my family.

- Monica

Thank you for all the tireless work you do, keeping our families safe and healthy, while you are away from your’s. It has been a trying year and we want you to know we love and appreciate all of you.

- John

Our first responders and military take on the most challenging and heartbreaking sides of humanity each and every day. They courageously serve others and work to protect our communities. Thank you!

- Danielle

I am grateful for military and first responders because they keep us safe and free. They stand up for those that can’t or won’t stand up for themselves. We owe a debt of gratitude and respect.

- Steven

I’m grateful for first responders, nurses, doctors, military personnel for helping all of us get through this !

- Carole

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the frontlines heroes. We know your work gets unnoticed and sometimes even attacked, but we want you to know we see what you do and appreciate it more than we can express

- Vivienne

Tears.I can't even imagine the sacrifice you AND your family make for "us." Thank you doesn't even seem like enough to show my gratitude. Heavenly Father extend your protection to this brave warriors.

- Brenda

I’m grateful for our responders and military because you put YOUR lives at risk, allowing US to do our jobs safely. Many take you for granted which saddens me. I appreciate and believe in you!

- Shannon

Thank you so much for ALL you have sacrificed! May God keep you safe and bless you and your family. ♥️

- Susan

Thank you for keeping our kids safe out there!

- Brooke

Our heroes tirelessly give of themselves to ensure the safety and health of our society. They take criticism, endure insults, and withstand stress that we could never know. Thank you for all you do!

- Sean

I am so grateful to our community heroes who put themselves at risk to protect us, even in times of great adversity. Thank you for keeping us safe and healthy!

- Claire

Thank you for standing on the front lines and protecting our nation! We are beyond grateful for our heroes and the many sacrifices you've made for our safety. We appreciate you!

- Katie

It might seem like the world is being taught to hate you and your profession - but as for me and my family, we appreciate you and know our area would fall apart with you showing up. Keep going!

- Bob

Hey all! Thank you for keeping our families safe. The work you do does not go unnoticed. You are appreciated!

- Sierra

We are grateful to our military and first responders because they are ALWAYS on the front lines - 24x7x365. They faithfully protect, serve, and defend America!

- KJ

I'm grateful for all of trusted military, national guard, and first responders who work hard to keep our communities safe. Thank you!

- Edward

Thank you for sacrificing your safety and health to protect my family. You exhibit a kind of bravery that is so rare in this world. You are true heroes.

- Karissa

I’m grateful to all the 1st responders and military. They are the reason we stand here today. Why we can feel safe and taken care of. They take the risk for us.

- Rosemary

Thank you for what you do day in and day out to serve and protect our nation. I'm grateful to you and your families for the sacrifice you make daily.

- Noel

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