Participant Guides & Pens (Restricted)




** Restricted Product **
The OXYGEN Seminar requires two basic products: The OXYGEN Participant Guide and the OXYGEN Profile Assessment. (A Seminar without the Assessment is like a car without an engine, after all…) This option is for Facilitators who already have extra Profile Assessment codes and only require additional Participant Guides. This will be verified before shipping.

The OXYGEN Seminar
The OXYGEN Seminar is our core relationship-strengthening event. It’s a 6-9 hour deep-dive covering the core areas that will help make your relationship stronger.

Topic Highlights:
The OXYGEN Seminar covers a variety of topics:

  • Communication
  • Differences
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Love Styles
  • Intimacy
  • Forgiveness/Restoration
  • Building an action plan for your relationship

What’s Included in Kit 3

  • Two 100+ page Participant Guides and Two Pens
  • Guides & Pens will be shipped to your location (Shipping Costs do apply)
  • Stronger Families will verify that you have OXYGEN Profile Assessment codes available in your account. If you do not, we will refer you to kits 1 or 2.

Substitute the Physical Participant Guides for Digital Participant Guides (emailed to you) to save $20 per kit! Just use the discount code “Digital” at checkout!