OXYGEN Certification Trainer Fee (each)



Host an OXYGEN Certification event for up to 40 participants.

Participants in the 3-5 Day Certification will each pay a separate $500 Participant fee, covering event materials and assessments.
Participants will be certified to deliver all Core OXYGEN Curriculum:

  • OXYGEN Seminar
  • Communication (Taste of OXYGEN)
  • Love Styles (Taste of OXYGEN)
  • Differences (Taste of OXYGEN)
  • Love & Money (Taste of OXYGEN)
  • Transition (Taste of OXYGEN)

This Trainer Fee covers 1 Master Level Instructor from Stronger Families (Producers of OXYGEN). Minimum is 2 trainers.

This fee does not cover travel costs (Flights, Hotel, Vehicle Rental, Per Diem), if applicable.