Stronger Families OXYGEN / Northwest U Study FAQ

Stronger Families is partnering with Northwest University to conduct a study of the effectiveness of the OXYGEN program with active
Military couples. This study will help Stronger Families improve our curriculum and validate that it is helping our heroes thrive at home.

Q: Who is invited to participate in the OXYGEN study?
A: Participants must be:
1) 18 years old or older
2) Active Duty Military (or spouse of an Active Duty Service Member)
3) Married
4) Both partners in the relationship must participate
5) Neither partner can be OXYGEN Seminar graduates/alumni

*We understand that many are in long-term, committed relationships but are not married.
For the purposes of this study, however, participants must be married.

Q: How will the study work? What does it entail?
A: The study is quite easy to participate in:
1. Participants will complete an online survey to verify they qualify. They will be notified immediately whether they do or do not.
Time: 5 minutes.
2. Participants will take online Relationship Survey #1. Upon completion, they will each receive a $10 digital gift card to a vendor
of their choice. Time: 25 minutes.
3. Participants will be randomly split into two groups and will register for an OXYGEN Seminar either now (in the next few weeks) or later
(in about 3 months). (This randomization is what determines how effective the Seminar is.) Registration is free, and no one at the event will
know if the couple is participating in the study.
4. Participants will take online Relationship Survey #2.
Upon completion, they will each receive a $15 gift card to the vendor of their choice. Time: 25 minutes.
5. After about 3 months, each participant will receive notification to take the final online Relationship Survey #3. Upon completion, each will
receive a $20 digital gift card to a vendor of their choice. Time: 25 minutes.

Q: How much is each participant compensated? What digital gift cards will be offered?
A: Each participant receives a digital gift card for each online survey they complete. The first is $10, the second is $15, and the third is $20. So
the potential total is $45. This compensation is provided by Northwest University (not Stronger Families), and options will include
major/common vendors like Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

Q: What are the details of the “fully-funded” OXYGEN Seminar? What’s included?
A: The event will be a USO funded Seminar and will follow the same pattern/SOP as other USO funded events. The Seminar is ideally split
over two days, but can take place in one day if that’s necessary. We cannot fund overnight accommodations or childcare, but because of the
partnership of the USO we can provide $500 for food/venue. (If the event will be well-attended, we can increase this amount as needed.)
All materials and assessments will be provided. Stronger Families will also provide the Facilitator at no cost. The study can also happen in
conjunction with Army Strong Bonds events.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of participants in the Study/Seminar?
A: No limit! The study is designed to handle up to 1,000 participants.

Q: What information will the couple be asked to provide?
A: Couples will only be asked to provide basic information about their service (verifying they’re active duty, for example). They will not be
asked about their specific unit or duty/role. Other than basic, qualifying questions, participants will only be asked to address relationship
topics such as communication, conflict resolution, feelings of connection, etc.

Q: What happens if a Service Member/Spouse start the study but cannot finish?
A: We understand life happens. Each participant will be encouraged to finish the surveys, even if they’re slightly delayed.
However, participation is completely voluntary and can be terminated at any point.